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The current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a loan of a minimum EUR 25 000 and a maximum of EUR 100 000, to a new online solution for businesses company - Smart.Reviews.

The solution developed by Smart.Reviews empower businesses to work with bad reviews and most importantly - to minimize the possible impact of a bad review long before it hits the company.

The platform will aggregate reviews of the same product across different merchants from all around the world, giving users more information than they could wish for. By combining this information with information about different merchants and service providers, Smart.Reviews will be able to provide accurate comparisons that will help users choose the best deals for them and their region.

Now, Smart.Reviews have developed the working prototype and need to consolidate resources to scale it up for a version for commercial launch (6 months). The global marketing campaign to facilitate monetization of the product during this phase (12 months) will start immediately upon commercial launch.

The Problem

The statistics show that 85% of consumers research the products online before making a purchase. Every bad review results in around 22% loss in sales. Unfortunately, businesses cannot interact with the reviewer, keep the track of reviews, or even check if the review was authentic.

The Solution

Smart.Reviews platform offers customers to leave a review about the business and products on dedicated company pages. The platform is empowered with a sophisticated verification mechanism and offers native languages for major regions.



Funding target: EUR 100 000,00.
Loan term: 12 months.
Interest rate: 24% per annum.
Interest payments: Bullet payment at the end of the loan period
Loan repayment: In full at the end of the Loan Term
Collateral: Commercial pledge on equity and intellectual property
Collateral Agent: Crowdestor Security Agent OÜ
Crowdestor Provision fund: Yes

Total funds to be raised: 330’000 EUR in 3 tranches



SMART.REVIEWS preparation for a commercial launch requires investments to:

  1. design of a commercial version of the product on the basis of a working prototype
  2. feeding the data in to reach a sufficient scale for a commercial launch 

The amount of total investment is split over the following positions:

  1. IT design, infrastructure, and similar assets - 70,000 EUR
  2. Data parceling, related compliance - 30,000 EUR

TOTAL required investment 100,000 EUR